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These services are currently online and fonctional.

Do Viruses Exist.com?

No. Viruses do not exist, they are a scam, a scientific fraud and not based on any real science. This site will quickly prove it to you.

Spirit World

Discover the world of spirits with Michael Newton. 100 patients were interviewed under hypnosis and asked to describe their time between lives. With commentary from the dude from Forever Conscious Research Channel.

PV Music

I never wanted to be a web developer, this is way too boring! I would prefer to be a black metal singer! Or something fun like that. Maybe 1 day! In the meantime I keep the music that I make in this website so you can use it to hurt your ears!


Documentaries that you really need to watch!


This site.. it's a project..



Thats just a small encrypting tool that I made to encrypt sensitive password files to confuse hackers who would get a hold of my files. The content of the file is encrypted with your password. You can download that to run it locally too.

Chipmunk Server Tester

I created this tool to monitor a server uptime. It continually sends audio feedback so you can hear its running all the time! It also tests de database connection.

code: https://github.com/brampta/Chimpmonk-Server-Tester


A place where you can upload videos.

code: https://github.com/brampta/barbavid


Meet friends, or more. Always free!


A free forum script that can make use of the login of your existing website. Can host communities within communities, infinite levels of subfolders and moderator hierarchy.

code: https://github.com/brampta/Nodesforum


Its first use is to allow you to link from your site to another site without appearing as the referer of the second site (hiding you as a linker). But also it can be useful to post some *unallowed links some places.

code: https://github.com/brampta/anolink

At Same IP

I once saw a website that allowed to check *reverse DNS, meaning you give it an IP and it will tell you what domains this IP points to. Of course this is technically impossible, but just like a MD5 decryptor its about testing as many domains as possible and remembering them all!! Which it turns out means a super incredibly huge database! The website I initially copied eventually went down, but mine managed to survive, although the version 1 and 2 of this website eventually crashed and burned the server due to too many database rows, I eventually created a super fast file-based database system which I baptised the Dat System to support that, and it survived ever since, it contains I dont know how many million rows now and been running well for about 15 years!

In development

I am *aktively working on those! :<


So now the New World Order is outlawing cookies in order to pretend they care about your privacy. Your Google Analytics counter is now out, unless you show your visitors a huge banner in order to get their consent because they dont want to read, or think. But screw this! You can now go cookieless counter, it's all the rage now! And I decided to create my own, and make it so you can use it too, for free. I want to make my solution convenient for when you want to monitor multiple sites in real time!

432Hz Guitar Tuner

The illumitatis wanted all music in 440Hz so you'd be stressed like a rat in a maze. Forget about those flonkers! Here's a tool to entune your guitars and more in 432Hz. Vibration of the earth mofo!

PDF Share

Allows users to share large quantities of PDF documents, focusing on old books.

Needs Rework

I am not sure what happened with these sites, they used to work but now they're dead and I should look into it, eventually!

If I Don't Come Back

I am not sure why I wanted to build that in the first place, maybe some dubious date night? Basically this website allows you to program an email to be sent with a specific message at a specific time. When the time is reached you will get another warning that the message is about to be sent with a link to deactivate the sending of the message. So if your're planning to be tied up somewhere in a basement and unable to respond, the email will be sent to a person of your choice. Also the person will need to confirm reception or keep receiving the message again.

Cloud Editor

I built a code editor in Javascript, capable of editing files directly on your server via SFTP, it was pretty nice but I am not sure what happened with it..

À recréer

These sites once existed and were full of life. Now they don't but I still have the code and am planning of resurrecting them one day, probably with a new fun twist!


This website used to be a list of other "movie websites" and feature different kind of custom crawlers that crawled these sites and added the search results on the movie pages of Nabolister. I am planning to recreate the idea of that site but for websites more adapted to news, science and documentaries.


This website automatically generated pictures of web pages with a url such as https://wimg.ca/https://abc.com/. It was actually opening the page in a browser in a virtual screen and taking the picture with ImageMagick. Unfortunately it needed a plugin which I had made for Firefox 3 and we're now on like Firefox 60 and this extension does not work anymore, also the whole thing was a bit complex, BUT I MIGHT FIX IT ONE DAY!