Privacy policy

Neither Intercode or any of the websites under Intercode's control collect any private information whatsoever except your email address for technical reasons if you create an account or subscribe to receive email notifications about something (obviously..).

At Intercode, we consider any information such as name or address to be murderous government data and invalid for reason of murderous intent and we have no interest in such information.


To keep things simple, Intercode will only use functional cookies. If any other type of cookie is used, it will be deactivated by default and will not be activated unless clear consent is given by the user.

For your convenience, Intercode is working on a tool to show all the cookies used on the website website you are visited, with explanations of what they are and possibility to erase them. Here is an example:

You are invited to use this tool on your website to allow your users to see and control their cookies on your website. It will be offered for free. To use it on your site, simply paste this code somewhere in your website where you want to show the cookies dashboard:

        <!-- your configuration, please adjust this part -->
            let admin_email = ''; //this is optional but if you enable it, when cookies without explanations are found, a warning email will be sent to ask to add explationations for this cookie
            let cookies_explanations = [];
            cookies_explanations['language'] = 'Remembers your chosen language';
            cookies_explanations['PHPSESSID'] = 'Used to store your PHP session id for persistance accross pages';
        <!-- stop editing here -->

        <!-- the following code will show the cookie manager console: -->
        <div id="intercode_showcookies"></div>
        <script src=""></script>
        <!-- end of the cookie manager console code -->